Thinkfree Breaks Mold Once Again

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This time, we’re breaking out of the old website mold and launching our new Thinkfree website. The address remains unchanged——but the experience? Ah, much fresher, much more engaging, much more the look of the Office for Today’s Professional.

What’s new?  A new eye-catching palette of colors on both the self-sensing desktop and mobile versions. The desktop version lets you scroll down to view different members of the Thinkfree Office product family–and at any point along the way you can scroll to the right to learn more about that particular product.  The mobile version provides a similar experience but it’s speedy and optimized for a mobile UI.

Accessing the site either way, though, is rewarding experience. You can get answers quickly from the information on the page, or from the embedded links to the Thinkfree help desk. You can get software products just as quickly through the links to the Thinkfree store – including links to trial versions of Thinkfree software products so you can try before you subscribe and discover whether Thinkfree is for you (though, really, you already know, deep down, that it is).

So, check out the updated website and enjoy the refresh! Then, tell us what you think—we’d love to hear from you!

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