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‘Hancom Office S’ is available on ‘Galaxy S10’

‘Hancom Office S’ is available on ‘Galaxy S10’ – Hancom Office S is pre-installed in Galaxy S10 from major telecom company in North America and China – Galaxy Apps provides Hancom Office free to Samsung

Hancom Booth at CES 2019 Las Vegas

Hancom participates CES 2019 with Online Office

Hancom participated CES 2019 in Las Vegas last week. This year, more than 4,500 exhibiting companies and around 180,000 people visited this CES show from 150 countries. Hancom booth located on Robot and AI zone

Thinkfree Office NEO 2019 arrives in Japan

In partnership with Sourcenext, Thinkfree Office NEO 2019 launches in Japan.  It is available immediately on the Sourcenext online store here.   This year, a premium version is also available with extra content that includes 29

A Collaborative Editing Experience for Amazon WorkDocs

A customized version of Hancom’s collaborative document editor was made available to all WorkDocs users (starting in the Western US Oregon region first and then followed by other regions in the coming days). Since collaborative work is at the core of the WorkDocs service, Hancom’s web editor serves primarily to enhance the collaborative workflow by offering real-time collaborative editing seamlessly within the WorkDocs site.

A professional office suite in your palm

We are rolling out completely new office suite for the modern mobile devices including Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad. It also supports the modern Chromebooks that have ability to run

Thinkfree Breaks Mold Once Again

This time, we’re breaking out of the old website mold and launching our new Thinkfree website. The address remains unchanged——but the experience? Ah, much fresher, much more engaging, much more the look of the Office